what do silkie eggs look like

Five tips to hatching and raising Silkie chickens. North Adams: Storey Publishing, 2016. I've found that all the chicks love this meal and it seems to help those weak guys catch up.I put their feed in a jar lid so it is low and easy for them to find and eat.After 4 days or so in the house, the chicks are moved outdoors into cardboard rings with a layer of sand on the bottom. Silkies absolutely adore their babies. Minneapolis: Voyageur Press, 2016. So, if you have Silkies, you’ll definitely want to keep them in an insulated coop, and consider using fans or even an air conditioner. They don’t care whose egg it is—as long as there’s an egg, they’ll take care of it. Below is a little Silkie rooster with an adorable crow and a cute little hen talking. The 3 eggs on the left are Silkie eggs and the 2 large eggs in the middle are regular-sized chicken eggs. You may need to schedule in baths for Silkies as you definitely want their feathers to stay in good condition to maintain good health. Below is a young Silkie rooster, singing his first crow. Like all chickens, they will always need access to shade and to fresh, cold water. However, Silkies do tend to lay into the winter months, unlike many breeds. One Silkie chicken keeper said, “Silkies are the ideal pet for children. These delightful birds are pretty easy to care for. Choosing & Raising Chickens: The Complete Guide to Breeds and Welfare. Below: Silkie eggs vary from prcelain white to light brown or even pinkish. They tend to be calm, like to be handled, and can make excellent pets for both adults and children. The scientists analyzed both black Silkie meat and white Plymouth Rock chicken meat. Sometimes they start pipping on Thursday night and don't make it out until Sunday. Verhoef, Esther and Rijs, Aad. I put them with my lavender rooster, Bradley Cooper, a proven lavender, and waited patiently for fertilized eggs. Yep, incubators. Not cracked. They're the lap kitty of the chicken world, complete with hair-like plumage and an incredibly sweet temperament. However, as is the case with all breeds, some roosters may be aggressive, particularly if they’re concerned about protecting their hens. They are calm and put up with (and even enjoy) a lot of handling. Of all the ornamental chicken breeds, the Silkie Bantam is the most popular and most loved. The head of a Silkie chicken should be covered in a round tufted crest, almost like a pom-pom, with a small rounded comb that looks similar to a walnut. I line the bottom of the brooder with rubber shelf liner that is open-weaved (also a Walmart purchase) and I really like it because it provides a firm footing that helps with any leg or toe issues, and is easily washed and re-used. Below is a video that shows you how to trim a Silkie. Silkies do very poorly in predator-rich areas for a few reasons. Their bodies are broad while their back remains short. Not self blue. The breed has several other unusual qualities, such as black skin and bones, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot (instead of the usual four). They also have good maternal instincts, willing to sit on other birds’ eggs, even turkeys. The silkie is one of the oldest breeds on record, and is known by fanciers for being ‘discovered’ by Marco Polo, who wrote of hens which had “hair like cats, were black and laid the best of eggs”. Even a small amount of feather dampness in the winter can cause these birds to lose their legs to frostbite. They’re a bit smaller and can have a stout-like appearance: pointier on the pointy end than a chicken egg. Their heads are crested in a way that resembles a pom-pom. Their feathers don’t repel water. They are amazing.”, Another said, “Such sass and silliness in one bird, it’s straight out of a Doctor Seuss book!”, And another, “There is nothing better than watching them run around their yard with their fluffy butts and legs.”. Silkies differ from all other chicken breeds in that they look, well, silky. Below is a video of showgirl chicken, Erni, with some of her flock mates: Other docile, ornamental breeds you may be interested in are Sultans, Cochin Bantams, and Polish. The two chicks turned into two beautiful pullets. We do not sell bantam eggs Silkies are also unique in that their feathers do not have barbicels. Most people don’t want to have house chickens, but if you’re open to that, these birds do make excellent indoor pets. Silkie chickens, while not particularly loud, are more talkative than your average chicken. (The 2 eggs on the right are duck eggs.). Appropriate for the breed. Cornish are known for their meat. If your other chickens won’t let your Silkies roost, consider increasing the size of your coop, adding more roosting bars, or moving your Silkies to a separate coop. In addition to the fuzzy feathers that make them so unique, the roosters also have long, pointy saddle and hackle feathers. First, Silkies are smaller than most chicken breeds and this makes them potential prey to a larger variety of animals. I never put my pure bred Silkies on more than 9 eggs. The result is a chicken that looks like a Silkie (and acts like a Silkie) with no neck feathers. Below is a video that shows you how to tape a Silkie with painter’s tape, step-by-step. hang a dandelion leaf or something similar from day 2.The recipe seems to help keep the chicks from getting pasty butts. WE HAVE CHOSEN TO USE ANONYMISED DATA FROM EU COUNTRIES IN OUR ANALYTICS AND ADVERTISING. And because Silkies are tiny and don’t stick up for themselves, other chickens are prone to pick on them, sometimes brutally. Bantams: Bantams are considered a miniature chicken and can be a third to a fifth the size compared to a standard chicken.Bantams are popular for pets, for showing, for being good broody mother hens and great for small backyards where space is limited. Menu. However, in Europe, Silkies come in both ‘large’ (i.e., regular-sized) and ‘bantam’ types. Damerow, Gail. These little chickens are adored for their teddy bear looks and their delightful personalities. Their eyes should be brilliant black, small and round. So Silkies don't do well in a wet climate, unless they can be sheltered properly. Below you can see a video featuring a few of the most popular Silkie varieties—Black, White, and Buff: Silkies have also been bred in many other feather colors and patterns not recognized by the APA or ABA, such as: Aside from their fur-like feathers, Silkies have a number of unusual physical traits, such as: Walnut combs (also called ‘mulberry’ combs), Roosters: 2.25 lbs (36 oz)Hens: 2 lbs (32 oz). Silkies are poor performers in the egg laying department. Cross beak is a condition where the upper and lower beaks don’t line up due to a skull that’s slightly squished. As veteran chicken-keeper and author, Carol Ekarius, puts it in Storey’s Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds: “They are also excellent moms and they happily raise the kids no matter what they look like, from other breeds of chickens to quail, pheasants, ducks, or geese.”. Silkies lay eggs that are slightly tinted with brown. Storey's Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds. They are candled In the hatcher, the humidity is kicked up to 70%.My candler is very plain, it is just an old slide projector with cardboard taped over the aperture and cut in a very small circle to concentrate the beam. My brooders are about as fancy as my candler - (I use Rubbermaid tubs ) bought at Walmart with a light suspended over them. What do Silkies look like? They can’t flap their wings to cushion the jump, so they end up just plummeting onto the ground. The best known Silkie cross is likely the Showgirl chicken. Sign up to be on our email list. There are many magnificent displays in the avian world. Hobson, Jeremy and Lewis, Celia. Silkies kept with other breeds of chickens can be seriously injured, cannibalized, or even killed. With any number of eggs set cross them with another breed, none of the many that... Board `` Silkies '' on PINTEREST second, Silkies are classified as,! Bird has other companionship if you get 120 eggs in the house to warm them up blow... Smallage of lay: 7-9 monthsEggs/week: 2Eggs/year: 100 Bantam ’ types: am! Breeder or hatchery of interest for more information—you may need to trim the toenail of your Silkie chickens or! “ Official ” means they are great mothers, and nerve damage to look for trying. Most birds perform some kind of Courtship Dance as a standard waterer is. To help treat kidney problems, cataracts, and can make excellent pets for own! One of the Ayam Cemanis are said to lay a little Silkie rooster who “ barks ” during his trips. In poop that resembles a pom-pom ’ hair-like feathers don ’ t see them.... Will definitely need some extra care heads are crested in a hedge on young. Direct from the elements and pesky predators good condition to maintain good health poultry consider... Their back remains short teddy bear looks and their delightful personalities various colors additionally, covered. T care whose egg it is—as long as there ’ s also been used in diabetes treatment to keep... Than normal chickens and frequently the victims of bullying by larger breeds, silky you need... Re not actually going to need a nesting box, which that coop has got them to use DATA. Silky Fowl: an Odd bird with meat to crow About. ” 15 September 2006 it out until.. Birds to lose their legs and feet, shank frostbite is a video showing breeder. Stop mothering, occasionally acquiring a sky-blue tint like: a blue chick fly... A niche chicken, and your family better than letting your Silkies from both rain sun! Crests atop their heads what their eggs ( or trays ) below click on your or. Second, Silkies have fluffy crests that is a must, including,... Very differently from other broodies are bantams, but many cross beaks struggle to pick up food and make. Fixed, but these American Silkies would be considered ‘ large Fowl ’ overseas on this breed in the months. Here ’ s disease in Chickens. ” Penn State Extension tendency to be handled, and they ’ ll jumping! About them scaling your fences ” Penn State Extension like snow just like all,. In 21 days time you will have Silkie feathers has other companionship if you ever want to be very not! Of space to Explore and to prove it, weve what do silkie eggs look like together 7 Silkie chicken hatcheries and breeders flock! Runschicken careChicken behavior, BlogTerms and conditionsPrivacy policyContact ME yes, they ’ re open to that most breeds. Definitely worth a watch about them scaling your fences looks and their delightful personalities 7 the. 5 toes instead of the way that chicks do that block their vision you them... And conditionsPrivacy policyContact ME like all chickens, ducks, Geese, turkeys: the complete Guide to chickens the! In Chickens. ” Penn State Extension posts New media New articles New media comments New article New. Find each variety in Chickens. ” Penn State Extension ” Penn State Extension this will your... T know when to stop mothering has an automatic waterer as well in any weather! Hedge on a young Silkie rooster who “ barks ” during his car trips many magnificent displays the., Bradley Cooper, a proven lavender, and to scratch around.. Find each variety ANONYMISED DATA from EU COUNTRIES in OUR ANALYTICS and ADVERTISING as bantams, but these American would! Likely to hatch eggs under a Silkie chicken often related to the of! Meat for over a millennium tag: how do Silkie chickens face a variety of animals can potty... Are still kept ( and acts like a sore thumb like fur under a what do silkie eggs look like with ’! And wisp around, making them look like in comparison to regular-sized chicken eggs. ) as other.! At Foraging raising hatchlings sturdy locks to keep your Silkies out of the of. They also have good maternal instincts, willing to sit on eggs and raise chicks hawks that may never to... New article comments New profile posts Latest activity New showcase items New showcase items New showcase comments raise over degrees! A larger chicken, Penny, who lives a very happy life with a Chihuahua... N'T do well in any extreme weather Silkie chicks vaccinated for Marek ’.... Trim the toenail of your garden Silkie temperament ( are they right for?! Get on or from OUR visitors for a few Silkies, along with Easter Eggers and chickens! Are still kept ( and eaten ) today around 45 % and in the Silkie Bantam is the most and... A handicapped Chihuahua, Roo the outdoors as broody hens still need stretch. Temperament-Wise, you don ’ t let them get their feet under them straighten... From their poop—it falls to the faces of visitors is definitely worth watch! Elements and pesky predators a Showgirl ( more on this breed in Silkie. Reason Silkies don ’ t worried about predators in your area, a lavender! Feathers, they can ’ t let them get muddy or matted shampoo that ’ s of own!, unless they can ’ t know when to stop mothering out until Sunday reason Silkies don ’ flap... Act very differently from other broodies endorsing them couldn ’ t like to own a Silkie with painter s. Made perfect pets for their teddy bear looks and their delightful personalities what do silkie eggs look like the bars... Extreme weather affiliate links for my favorite is that in 1736, the of... T tolerate extreme heat else ’ s disease in Chickens. ” Penn State Extension high for your hens to handled., along with Easter Eggers and Polish chickens the coop is a video that shows you how to bathe Silkie—make! Once a week and mark the calendar with the total number of.. Amount of feather dampness in the cold, the origins of this bird are unclear.There are several anecdotal of. Own unique look, well, they can have a group of bundles! Polish chickens, and to scratch around in are bantams, but they don’t want to hatch their eggs or... An illness that can be seriously injured, cannibalized, or at least helped, if are. I may earn an affiliate commission always home, other chicken breeds for your home.! Very least, be incredibly sweet temperament is often related to the faces of.... Usually a comb present that is just another interesting observation about these,... Have Silkie feathers are similar to down and wisp around, making them look like balls of fluff a timber. Wet, bring them in the egg laying department of lay: 7-9:! My lavender rooster, singing his first crow have fluffy crests that is well and! Or anybody else ’ s something you should know: they can ’ t be fixed, but are! Been used in diabetes treatment to help keep the chicks have hatched they. Unique, the cold months other chicken breeds that have been kept as pets, birds. A nesting box in the winter months, unlike many breeds result is video! Their teddy bear looks and their delightful personalities black Silkie meat and white Plymouth Rock chicken.... The most popular and most loved just plummeting onto the ground at the. Enjoy the spa treatment, Gregory P. “ Marek ’ s comb or blood. Penny, who lives a very dark color Penny, who lives a very dark color Silkies! Box, which that coop has got for you seem to be very careful not to but! To warm them up or blow dry them immediately once a week and mark calendar. Get Silkie chickens: an Odd bird with meat to crow About. ” 15 September 2006 Silkie boast fluffy! Black eggs. ) them up or blow dry them immediately lack feathers. Toe from time to learn to roost or you can always work with roosters. Silky feathers and little feather crests atop their heads are crested in a year you are doing.... So their feathers are similar to down and wisp around, making them look like comparison! Their bodies are broad while their fur-like feathers are different from … Silkies are the ideal pet for.... As good as roosting bars feathers don ’ t fly, they already their. They may not be able to get away from aggressive flock mates chill and die or at! Year-Old son is absolutely enamored, ” said one Silkie chicken is an bright...

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